Shipping, Payments and Guarantees

Shipping and Delivery

For larger items (Montessori furniture) we use upgraded UPS shipping:

U.S. is about 3-7 days
Europe is about 3-10 days
Germany is about 3-10 days
Australia is about 5-12 days
Canada is about 3-10 days

As we provide large amount of orders, we have exclusive shipping prices. So - our expedited shipping is not only fast but also affordable - about 7 USD per kg. And the best news is that:

Now all of the orders over 100 USD get ABSOLUTELY FREE UPS UPGRADED SHIPPING!

Paypal Payments

We use Paypal with our processing partner company Western Bid Inc located in Florida, USA, so all of your payments are secure. 

We guarantee that you get what you paid for, and stand behind each of the items.