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This sturdy indoor climbing structure develops children ages 6 months to 9 years old to practice motor skills and helps eliminate physical problems at their own pace. Toddlers begin pulling up on the rungs as they learn to stand and can gradually learn to climb up and down.

The idea is to allow children to safely explore what their bodies can do independently of their parents, encouraging curiosity and confidence in their own physical abilities! This is an excellent method of children's self-development that gives kids free movement and independent learning through play. 

You'd be surprised, but your little ones will be ready to play with our set as soon as they start reaching for things on their own!

At first, they will experiment until they figure out how to pull themselves up on the first step. You'll stay close... But don't get steamed up! 

Let your child explore the world on his own terms in your presence.Marvel as your child acquires the skills he needs so much at school age on his own (Developing Grip Strength is important for many reasons - holding cutlery so they can feed themselves, coloring, and one day holding a pencil correctly when they learn to write their first letters; developing balance will help your child gain the skills to walk, ride a scooter or bicycle sooner ect.)

Your job is to just observe, helping them get down or reassuring them only as needed.

The beauty is that the children let you know when they are ready to climb or when something goes wrong! They dictate the rules by which they have fun developing... The first moment they figure out how to climb is the big "I did it" moment!!!

You will be overwhelmed with pride...

We work only with natural wood- this is the highest class birch plywood.

Ladder rungs are made of beech wood for added strength

The children`s complex is covered with water-based paint or varnish ( depending on the color you choose), it is certified PN EN 71-3/DIN71-3.

Varnish has its advantages:odorlessresistant to moisture and waterprotects wood from biological destructionresistant to UV radiationcertified

Climbing sets is perfect for both small spaces and for outdoor use in dry weather.

You can also choose an unpainted product. The product will be sanded but not varnished. We recommend to cover with varnish, this increases the life of the set.

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