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About Us

We are a group of three large families producing Montessori / Waldorf Educational toys in Ukraine. We have been working internationally since 2012.

The Best Items to Play for Your Children

We offer Montessori inspired furnishings and handmade goods for children.

MonteKid furniture and toys stimulate imagination, develop creativity, and guarantee independent play. Every detail and its accessories have been refined and perfected for long-term durability, functionality and aesthetics.

In our production we use only natural and eco-friendly materials. 

Provide a child with the opportunity to reach new heights: grasping, standing, playing, building strength and confidence.

Arguably this is among the best children`s play set money can buy.

Oleksandr Radich and Family


We are a family of Alex (Oleksandr), Natalia, Nikita, Maxim, Wlad and yorkie Emilia. And one new member of our family is coming to this world soon.

Andriy Doroshenko and Family

Andriy, Irina and Zlata.

Let Us Do Outstanding for Our Children

We strive to be the source where caring parents can find all their unique items to show to their children what they care about.

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