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Climbing Set for Kids

Triangle or Full Set
Сolor Spectrum
Ramp Type

The set consists of three items:

  • Pikler Triangle
  • Pikler Arch
  • Pikler Ramp

This cute children`s complex performs the function of strengthening all muscle groups, the development of the vestibular apparatus, kid`s motor skills, agility, and strengthens the muscle corset.

The sport and development area is suitable for the little ones who have just started crawling and up to 6-7 years old. The maximum weight is up to 60 kg or 132 Ibs.

Dimensions of Pikler Triangle:

Heigh: 85 cm or 33 in
Width: 80 cm or 31 in
Length steps: 80 cm or 31 in

Dimensions of Pikler Arch:

Height: 47 cm or 18,5 in
Width: 95 cm or 37 in
Length steps: 50 cm or 19 in

Dimensions of Pikler Ramp

Height: 85 cm or 33 in
Width: 38 cm or 15 in

Your order comes unassembled in a large cardboard box.
You will have access to good assembly instructions when you purchase from us.

If you don`t see an appropriate color - write to us and we will fulfill your wish.
The production process takes 7-10 working days, as each item is processed manually.

All costs for international delivery ( fees, taxes and duties) are the responsibility of the buyer.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Colors and Finishing

Choose natural wood colors - these colors are covered with water-based varnish (for example, the color TEAK is a varnish color teak; the color Natural tree- this product is covered with colorless varnish), and you can also choose colors painted where water-based paints are used.
You can also choose an unpainted product. The product will be sanded but not varnished. We recommend to cover with varnish, this increases the life of the set.
Ladder rungs are made of beech wood for added strength
We work only with natural wood- this is the highest class birch plywood.

The children`s complex is covered with water-based paint or varnish ( depending on the color you choose), it is certified PN EN 71-3/DIN71-3.

Varnish has its advantages:
👌 odorless
👌 resistant to moisture and water
👌 protects wood from biological destruction
👌 resistant to UV radiation
👌 certified

Additional Notes

Emmy Pikler`s teachings are based on the idea that parents don`t need to entertain their children. It is enough for them to be in an environment where they can entertain themselves.

Maria Montessori called the child a great worker, whose job is to build himself.
The task of the adult is to create a comfortable and safe environment for the child.

Assembly Instructions

We have everything needed for the assembly in the shipping box including paper guide and tools. But you can use your home tools of choice or electric screwdriver if you wish to for speedy assembly.

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