Is Pikler Triangle Safe?

Yeah, that's it. Although Dr. Pikler urged parents to let children climb independently, without supervision, that does not mean. Don't hover over your little bub, but keep close. That said, don't ever place it in the bedroom of your kid. It should remain in the common area where your little one can be seen playing. Have any injuries related to Pikler triangles occurred? Possibly, but for something else, as is the case.

Ingenuous Toy

Children's complex Triangle Pickler is a compact, universal sports and developmental corner for the little ones. Suitable for children who have just started crawling and up to 40 kg.

Playing and exercising on the complex contribute to the development of the baby's motor skills, dexterity, and strengthens the muscle corset. In parallel with the development of physical properties, exercises on the triangle teach the child to understand his body, feel it in space, and develop a sense of balance.

The kid, of his own free will, will independently begin to master new ways of movement, new postures and capabilities of his body. And all this can take place without the direct help of parents. The child will enjoy his activity, his own movements, he will have a desire to move and be active. Such children subsequently have better control over their bodies, fall less, move beautifully.

The complex bears the name of the famous Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pickler. Emmy Pickler's parenting concept is based on respect for the personality of the child in daily care practices, freedom of movement and play. It is necessary to create such conditions for a child to stimulate his initiative, competence, activity, development.

Emmy Pickler wrote: “The first achievements of a child: reaching for a toy, crawling a couple of millimeters, turning over on their side are important not only in themselves. A baby, if parents do not take too much on themselves, takes initiative, learns to overcome difficulties, learns the joy of success as a result of long persistent efforts, he gains the confidence that he can do everything himself, that he is competent.

When adults interfere in the process of self-learning of the child ("help"), they teach him to postures that he has not yet mastered on his own: they sit with pillows so that he does not fall, they put him on his feet - they deprive him of everything "

The small height of the complex and the ability to adjust the height, the distance between the beams is 8 cm, the board with ribs give the child the opportunity to feel free in the game and movements.

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